Saturday, June 27, 2015

Cali in Cagli- Due (#2)

by Sophie Imbuelten 
I awake to the sound of a vacuum cleaner, for a moment, I forget where I am- If I was back home in California, the sound of a vacuum cleaner at 5 am would mean an intruder had broken into my home and vacuumed…(an intruder, that I would most likely invite to return, if not move in.)

The vacuum I hear at 5 am everyday here in Cagli is a street sweeper. Although a bit of a nuisance to wake up to, if it keeps this town as beautiful as it is- I will do my part and forego the additional beauty sleep I require….I’ll take one for the team and just be ugly.

It is Saturday, June 20th, and I have been here in this quaint medieval town for 10 days . I have gleefully adjusted to the following:

Walking to school- Every morning I walk down a cobblestone street with a piece of fruit in my hand and a smile on my face- who does this back home? Even 15 year olds are driven to and from school regardless of distance. Here in Cagli, I have a five-minute “foot commute!” Belissimo!!!

Espresso Break with porcelain cups- I enjoy my morning espresso break straight from a porcelain cup, at an espresso bar, with real people and conversation! (not to mention a fresh croissant with some delicious cream filling yet to be identified) - No barking out “Grande ½ decaf, soy extra foam” to the barista in a box!

Pausa- What?!!!!! Pausa?!!!!! A….pause? During the day? …Really?....REALLY

I cannot possibly express the joy that this brings to me. I can’t help but feel like I am cheating the system by taking this delectable break, but I’ll do my best to get over it. Just thinking of a way I can turn this whole pausa thing into my thesis and apply it to my workplace excites me beyond measure (my boss?....not so much.)

Things that I have not gleefully adjusted to:

Time- How does one assimilate “Italian time” into an American life? I am struggling to balance the need to be like an Italian (Walk to work, drink espresso from a porcelain cup, pausa for 3 hours in the middle of the day) while meeting the deadlines (including this journal entry) of what is required to pass this class! Not sure if I will be able to fully immerse but as they say….I will die trying.