Saturday, June 20, 2015

The Many Faces of Italy

by Kevin Sexton
Visiting different towns in Italy, has shown me that just like the United States, there are many different ways to live in these centuries old communities. The city of Florence, while steeped in history, has become a modern city with very old landmarks. It is a bustling area with tourists from around the world making their way to see the architecture and artwork created long ago.

The scene in Cagli is the opposite of Florence. In this town, tradition is still prevalent, it is not a tourist city, this is a small community that still takes advantage of Pausa and closes the majority of shops so that people can rest and spend time with family/friends. There is a sense of pride in this town, a tight knit community.

After seeing the differences between Florence and Cagli, it was on to Urbino for a day. This, to me, seemed comparable to a college town in the United States, with the added Italian touches. The town still recognizes pausa, with most shops closing in the early afternoon. There is more activity on the streets and more variety in peoples appearances. It seems as though the town has a higher number of people in their twenties, this is most likely due to the University in town.

The differences in the communities in Italy is much like the differences you see across America. Every town/city has its own identity, we have our similarities and our differences. The differences between the Italy and the United States can be seen in different ways from town to town in Italy and even in the bus system.
Taking the bus in Italy is an adventure that you never know how it will exactly play out. Starting out in Cagli usually results in riding the bus out for a short ride, where you will on occasion pick up passengers that appear to just be standing beside the road, not at a bus stop. Eventually, the bus will stop at what appears to be a random area beside the road, where you will be instructed to exit the bus and you will either move to a waiting bus or wait for your next bust to arrive. This is unlike anything I have ever experienced the few times I have travelled by bus in the States. Sometimes you may only do this exchange once each way on your trip or you may have a real adventure and change once on the way to your destination and three times on the way home, always and adventure.

The cultural differences are both small and large when comparing Italian life to American life but we all want to live the best life we can. This trip has allowed me to step back and realize everyday is an adventure and I just need to step back and enjoy the moments.