Saturday, June 13, 2015

International Communication and the Introvert

by Kate Bresnahan
The most difficult parts of this trip for me so far are finding time to recharge and interacting with the Cagliese. Both of these situations overwhelm me tremendously.

As an introvert, I gather energy from inside myself, and I need some time alone every day. However, I feel like I am surrounded by other people most of the time in Cagli. I spend my days in class, doing field work, and working on assignments. I spend my nights dining and socializing with my classmates and trying to chat with the Cagliese. I have no free time and it is nearly impossible to get privacy.

I also find it difficult to communicate with many of the Cagliese, as I speak very little Italian and they speak little to no English. I am nervous to approach them because of my introversion, and also because I don’t know what to say after I greet them. I don’t want to mess up my Italian; I feel self-conscious, naked. Sometimes, when I say “buongiorno” to people, they look at me and do not respond, which makes me feel even more self-conscious and more hesitant to interact with new Cagliese people.

While my introversion and insecurities make things difficult for me, I hope to find ways to overcome these overwhelming situations before we leave Cagli.